Beer course and beer dinner

Beer course and beer dinner

The 5th St. Martin Day’s Wine Festival starts with beer

On 5th November, true to the saying “wine and beer together any time” the spotlight will be on beer at the 5th Martin’s Day Wine Festival this year expanded to four days. Guests can taste beer cocktails, and there will be a beer course with historian Csaba Katona whose talks could pass as stand-up comedy. Introducing “Two pipers in one kitchen”: Paul Mizener, Scottish master chef and András Frideczky, chef of the Gellért Bistro, with Hungarian and Scottish dishes and special Hungarian and Scottish craft beers

Welcome beer cocktails 6 p.m.
Beer course with historian Csaba Katona 6.30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Price of the beer course with beer cocktails: HUF 3490

An hour and a half-long, seated lecture and beer tasting where guests thirsty for knowledge will certainly not be disappointed. This is guaranteed by the person of Csaba Katona who, as a historian of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is both beer historian and humorist whose beer courses could pass as stand-up comedy. And at the same time guests can enjoy a history of beer from a real expert.
The 6 beers at the Beer Course: Holba Prémium pale ale, Holba Polotmavý red ale, Cerna Hora Velen unfiltered wheat beer, Litovel Dark dark beer, Permon IPA, Cerna Hora Kvasar pale ale.

“Two pipers in one kitchen” 8 p.m.

Paul Mizener Scottish master chef joins up with András Frideczky, the Gellért Brasserie’s chef.

Price of the beer dinner: HUF 6990:

4-course Scottish-Hungarian beer supper, with Scottish-Hungarian craft beers, welcome cocktails and entry to the beer course.

Beer dinner menu

Chicken & Goose 
chicken liver, goose liver, beer and onion jam, Scottish bread roll
Paul Mizener
Belhaven Robert Burns – Ale
(4,2 % Alk)
Dunbar, Scotland

Creamy piglet cheek soup
cheek meat marinated in beer,  boletes,  baby carrots, chives, sour cream mousse
Frideczky András
Bigfoot Gerardo – wheat beer
(5,4% Alk)

Haggis & Tatties
Scottish sheep’s liver sausage, mashed turnips and potatoes,  brown beer sauce with small dumplings
Paul Mizener
Belhaven Twisted Thistle – IPA
(5,3 % Alk)
Dunbar, Scotland

Black beer pie
hazelnut mousse, beer foam, black beer sorbet
Frideczky András
Bors Sherwood – stout
(6,5% Alk)

Handcrafted bon-bon made from Belhaven Fruit Beer

Tickets are available at the Reception of Hotel Gellért 0-24 hours.
 Online tickets are available:

Jegymester - Márton napi borfesztivál - Gellért

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